Chelsea Market and the High Line


I love food.  I mean really love food --  in the same way that a designer loves fashion, or a how a mechanic must love cars.  So you can imagine my delight when I stepped into Chelsea Market for (I am ashamed to say) the first time on Monday.  How had I not been there before now?  Crazy.  
CM2  CM3
BFF Brandi had causally suggested we stop at CM for lunch on the way to the High Line.  Honestly, though, CM is a destination unto itself.  People's Pops.  Sarabeth's.  The Lobster Place.  Yes, please.  (And for Philly heads - Buddakan and Morimoto are all also in the building.)  So this post is for any other other random people like me out there who have not been to Chelsea Market.
CM is like Reading Terminal, just a bit more polished.  Or maybe it's exactly like Reading Terminal, but in NYC, in the Meatpacking District, under the High Line.  That, in and of itself, made me very excited.  We were there with Fa's cousin Dae (who is not a fan of lobster otherwise  I would have beelined it to The Lobster Place -- everyone was eating whole gorgeous lobsters that they had just selected and had steamed in front of their eyes -- you had to see it).  Instead, we kept it simpler and had finely made sandwiches at Friedman's Lunch. I had the pastrami, Dae and Fa had turkey burgers and rosemary fries.  Continuing on we picked up some Plum Cherry and Strawberry Raspberry preserves from Sarabeth's and a couple of scones.  My goodness.  Equally impressive, to me at least was the kitchen at Sarabeth's.  Wow.  How I wish Brown Betty will need a kitchen that size one day!  But I digress.  We got "Straight Up Peach" People's Pops and then "Peach Chamomile" and watermelon shaved ice.  As in, we bought one in CM, and then the others when we got upstairs to the High Line.  (Hey, it was hot, ok?!)  I did eventually manage to pull myself away from the market, you see.  And then we walked the High Line.  OMG.  More food.  Bark (hot dogs), L' Arte del Gelato (gelato), Melt (ice cream sandwiches).  So much food so little time!  Again, why did no one tell me? 
As for the High Line itself, I am in agreement with the rest of the country - it is genius.  I am so supportive of community parks, especially one that overlooks the Hudson River.  And I am really in support of preserving infrastructure that has existed for over eight decades and used to supply the biggest city in the country with all of the things it needed.  We need to remember that, no?  We need our children to see that, right?  They need to know a bit about the world before trucks, and certainly before texts.  (Ok, I will put my 20 year-old history major self back on her shelf, but I am just saying...)  
Let's hear it for days off in August!  We hung out with friends and ate popsicles.  We took a glass elevator up to a wonderfully designed park that used to be a railroad where Kingston got to put his toes in water that trickled purposely.  We will be back.  For sure.   
Chelsea Market is open Monday - Saturday, 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm; The High Line is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.