Our Story



Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is named after our mother/grandmother, Elizabeth Ruth Hnton (friends and family call her either Betty or Liz). Every Sunday when we'd go to visit there'd be a few baked goods already baked: hard tacks (a country word for biscuits), apple pies (always two at a time) or those mile high poundcakes. Everyone loved them! Elizabeth's love and talent for baking and the stories she told of her youth while doing so are the inspiration for Brown Betty. While Elizabeth doesn't bake as much as she used to (she is still our most trusted and toughest critic) - we still remember how good it all used to taste.



It is a good for us (and now you) that Betty's natural gift for baking rubbed off on her only daughter, Linda. As soon as Linda had her own family she took what she learned from her mother and expounded on it by reading all of the cookbooks and baking magazines she could get her hands on. Like mother - like daughter and eventally all of Linda's family and friends began to look forward to her baked goods as well (cookies at Christmas, cheesecakes on special occasions, peach cobbler in the summer). In 2004, we decided that we shouldn't keep all of these good recipes to ourselves, so we started Brown Betty Dessert Boutique to offer them to the public. Today, Linda and a team of meticulous bakers and creative decorators produce each delicious cake that Brown Betty makes.



Norrinda's love for her grandmother and mother's baking and desire to bring a modern bakery to Philadelphia's pastry scene that focused on taste as much as design (in the way old school bakeries used to) is what compelled her to "convince" her mother to open Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. These days, a couple of stores later, you can find Norrinda developing and working on plans for expansion of the brand.